What is Fun with Fiction?

Fun with Fiction is a podcast and blog dedicated to all things made up, invented, or otherwise unreal. Weird fiction author Luke J. Morris takes his listeners, readers, and guests on a journey across the many worlds created by the most brilliant and deranged minds in all of space-time.

Yes, it’s about books.

But it’s more than books. The Fun with Fiction podcast touches on topics ranging from novels and short stories to movies and plays, comics and story-poems, narrative songs and oral storytelling. Sometimes Luke rants and raves on these themes by himself (he reads a lot), but he also interviews interesting and creative people, including other authors, editors, illustrators, actors, and fellow rabid readers.

So, who is this podcast for?

It’s for anyone interested in the craft of fiction, the art of story, the fun of unreal worlds more interesting than our own.

Luke leads discussions about favorite authors, from Homer to Shakespeare to Neil Gaiman; about genres, from fantasy to horror to crime noir; about literary periods, from Romanticism to Modernism to Postmodernism; about methods of storytelling, from novel series to flash fiction to performance art; and, of course, about the tales themselves.

Since Luke is an author – as are many of his guests – Fun with Fiction will also provide useful tips and discussion points for fellow warriors of the pen, as well as illustrators, editors, publishers, and anyone else who participates in the media of make-believe.

And of course, since talking about story is rarely as awesome as the story itself, many episodes will feature a reading of a short piece of fiction. Sometimes this will be Luke’s own work, but we’ll also read bits from other (more famous) authors, as well as great listener submissions.  So send those in (to luke@funwithfiction.com)!

Ultimately, this is a podcast and blog for storylovers. Whether you consume your fiction in paperback, ebook, audiobook, or televised form, if you love stories, Luke J. Morris and friends aim to provide you years worth of insight and entertainment.

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Maintaining a podcast and website/blog costs money, which Luke pays out of his pocket – but he brings them to you for free! If you like Fun with Fiction and want to see it continue, consider supporting our endeavor.  The best way to do that is to buy books here. The second best way is to share this website and podcast with all your friends, including your virtual loved ones on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the like.

Thanks for listening!  Enjoy the madness.

2 Responses to What is Fun with Fiction?

  1. Kevin Kilner says:

    I have long listened toGarrison Keilor’s “The Writer’s Almanac”. It has been a daily oasis for me. But, one can always use more than one oasis. I will drink from your well, see how it tastes.

    • Luke says:

      Excellent! Welcome, Kevin. I can’t claim to be anywhere near the author/entertainer that Keillor is, but I shall do my best to keep you informed and entertained.

      Thanks for commenting. I hope you enjoy the show.

      – Luke

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