FwF 30: Christmas Calamities, Part 2: The Lost Helper (continued)

Here’s the rest of ‘The Lost Helper’, a tale of a poor elf left behind in a family fireplace on Christmas Eve.  Listen and enjoy!

If you like this tale, and want to read it and a couple others in a similar vein, pick up my book Christmas Calamities today!  I appreciate the support, and you’ll enjoy the book.  🙂

Until next year, Fictioneers, from me to all of … Continue reading

FwF 29 – #Christmas Calamities, Part 1: The Lost Helper

Happy Holidays, Fictioneers!

I start off this episode with a shout-out to some awesome author friends of mine who have been doing dynamite work recently: children’s author (and my illustrator for Hello, Halloween) Donovan Scherer; award-winning horror author Matthew Harrill; and hilarious master parodist Paul Erickson.  Pick up their books for your loved ones this Christmas!

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FwF 28: Matthew Harrill returns to Hell

He’s back!

Matt Harrill

Yes, ladies and gents, your favorite Englishman Matthew W. Harrill has returned to the show.  Just in time for Halloween, he’s plugging the release of the final novel of The ARC Chronicles trilogy, Hellbeast.  It looks awesome!

Here’s the Amazon description for it:

The fate of the world … Continue reading

Fun with Fiction 27: Literary vs. Popular (Genre) Fiction

What is “literary” fiction?

Per Wikipedia, “Literary fiction is a term principally used for certain fictional works that hold literary merit. In other words, they are works that offer deliberate social commentary, political criticism, or focus on the individual to explore some part of the human condition. Literary fiction is deliberately written in dialogue with existing works created with the above aims in mind. Literary fiction is focused more on themes than on plot.”

What is “popular” fiction?

Also per Wiki, “Genre fiction, also known as popular fiction, is plot-driven fictional works written with the intent of fitting … Continue reading

Fun with Fiction 26: On Creative Writing Classes

I’m back!  Even though I don’t really have time to be.

See, I’m teaching.  And I’m going to grad school.  And I’m still trying to read, write, and publish as much as I can.  So podcasting has not been a priority for me recently, and probably won’t be at the top of the list in the near future.

That said, when I have something to say, I’ll say it.  Especially when I need a break from all the non-stop work this life entails.

So here I am to tell you about Creative Writing classes – the ones I’m taking (at … Continue reading

FwF 25: Hemingway’s Cheerful Thoughts About Nothing (and FREE BOOKS!)

Welcome back, Fictioneer!

Today I read and discuss one of my favorite short stories: Ernest Hemingway‘s “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place“.  This tale poses the Existentialist question: What is Nothing, and what can we do about it?


 Enjoy my lecturings!  I gave this talk … Continue reading

FwF 24 – Dark Optimism: An Interview with J. Thorn


Dark greetings, Fictioneers!

First off, I apologize for taking so long to get this episode out.  I actually did this interview a while ago, but since then I’ve been in the midst of a move from Chicago to Phoenix, and I only just got my internet hooked up in my new location, so…

Here it is!  [I know, I know, I already broke my New Year’s resolution to publish one episode a week.  (But aren’t such resolutions made to be broken?)  They’ll get more regular from here on out, I promise!]

A few … Continue reading

FwF 23: Fun Fiction Books to Read in 2015

Happy New Year, faithful Fictioneer!

To start off, as a post-holiday gift, Cthulhu 4 Kids: Old Ones at the Beach is available FREE on Amazon today and tomorrow (January 2nd and 3rd) only. Go pick it up!

Now to business. After a two-week holiday hiatus, I have returned with a vengeance, ready to kick 2015 in the arse in the best way possible. And what better way to start the year than … Continue reading

FwF 22 – Donovan Scherer on Comic-Cons and Children’s Horror


Happy Holiday shivers, Fictioneer!

My guest for this episode is Donovan Scherer, who does it all.  I mean, like, everything.  This is a guy who’s mastered all the levels of indie publishing, from writing (and illustrating) great stories to designing awesome covers to building wicked cool websites.  Now he’s moving beyond his graphic design background to start his own publishing company, all while packing guitars for Amazon during the day.  He even created a free video game (Zombeans) to promote his books.  How cool is that???

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FwF 21 – TV, Branding, & Michael Bay: Discussion with Mo Simpson


First off, an announcement:  I (your host, Luke J. Morris) will be at Mighty-Con Comic Show in Wheaton, IL this Saturday (12/13/14).  The show takes place at the Dupage County Fairgrounds, building 1, from 10 AM to 5 PM.  I’ll be selling and signing copies of five of my best books, as well as posing for photo ops, networking with other creatives, and generally nerding it out with all the great fans who drop by my table.  So come on out and say hi!  I’d love to see you.

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FwF 20 – What’s so funny about Tolkien? An interview with Paul Erickson

  My guest today is Paul Erickson, master parodist and author of The WobbitThe Superfriends of the Ring, and the upcoming The Two Towers Strike Back.  He’s also been contracted by a German publisher to write a parody of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  It’s entitled Jar Jar Wars, Episode IV- A New Dope, and it should be released (in German translation, anyway) in April or May of next year.

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FwF 19 – Fighting and Fantasy: An Interview with Orlando Sanchez (part 2)


Hola, Fictioneers!  Here is part deux of my fantastic interview with fantasy author and all-around badass Orlando Sanchez.

In case you missed it last time, these are Orlando’s books:


And his magnum opus, The … Continue reading

FwF 18 – Fighting and Fantasy: An Interview with Orlando Sanchez (part 1)


Today I had the great pleasure of talking to Sensei Orlando Sanchez – a fellow independent fantasy author and martial artist with a lot of insight on what makes fiction fun.

Orlando Sanchez

Seriously, we talked for over two hours, and I (devout professional that I am) decided to simply hit the record button in the middle of our conversation – so the “interview” begins with Sensei Orlando … Continue reading

FwF 17 – Fun Fiction for Fall: Ghost Stories


It’s mid-November, Fictioneer.  What do you like to read at this time of year?

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you my favorite Fall fiction first.

Everything’s dying, so the horror & dark fantasy genres are perfect (yes, even after Halloween) – particularly the ghost story.

What is a ghost story?

Definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

  • a story about ghosts
  • a tale based on imagination rather than fact
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    FwF 16 – Interview with Matthew Harrill: What if Hell Froze Over?


    I have a special treat for you Fictioneers!  In this episode I interview Matthew W. Harrill – award-winning author of The ARC Chronicles trilogy: Hellbounce, Hellborne, and the upcoming Hellbeast.


    In this brilliant horror series (I’ve just started the first book, … Continue reading

    FwF 15 – Nanowrimo (and Resources for Authors)

    NaNoWriMo has begun!!!

    For those who don’t know, Nanowrimo is an acronym for National Novel Writing Month – a time of the year when thousands of writers and would-be writers worldwide accept the challenge to complete a 50,000 word novel rough draft in 30 days.

    That’s 1667 words per day.  Every day.  Throughout November.  Cool, huh?

    The secret is: Give yourself permission to suck.

    Don’t edit as you write.  Don’t censor yourself.  This is a rough draft, which means that no one needs … Continue reading

    FwF 14 – Happy Halloween with Mo & Tyrion


    Happy Halloween, Fictioneers!

    Mo Simpson and Tyrion Morris return in this episode to discuss our all-time favorite stories and movies for All Hallows’ Eve.  And I plug my brand new release, Hello, Halloween: A Monsters & Kids Novella.  (I talk about the book in a blog post here.)

    We talk Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Dean Koontz, and Continue reading

    FwF ep 13 – Gods & Monsters with Mo Simpson

    Welcome back, Fictioneers!

    In this episode of the Fun with Fiction podcast, Cthulhu 4 Kids illustrator and Eyeteeth Podcast host Mo Simpson returns to give us his thoughts on some of the best fiction for Halloween.

    Yes, a lot of it appears on Fox News.

    But beyond that, Mo has radical recommendations for October entertainment.  (Click on any of the links or pictures in this post to find out more about the item and pick it up from Amazon.)

    Mo’s top picks for … Continue reading

    FwF Ep 12 – Top 5 Fiction Authors EVER


    Hello Fictioneers!

    I had lots of fun putting this week’s show together for you.  That’s because this time I lay it all on the line and tell you my top 5 favorite fiction authors ever.

    Okay, to be fair, the list is always adjusting, and picking an all-time top 5 is actually an impossible task… but I did it anyway!  Check it out below, and click on the pictures if you’d like to buy the books at Amazon and find out what all the fuss is about.

    Also, let me know: … Continue reading

    FwF ep 11: Guardians of the Galaxy, Comic-Con, & Other Awesome Stuff

    Hey Fictioneers, guess what?

    That’s right – Fun with Fiction is BACK!!!

    I apologize for my summer-long hiatus, and I hope you returning listeners will forgive me and stick around for some of the great stuff I have planned.  And for you new listeners – welcome!  I shall strive to keep you informed and entertained beyond your wildest imaginings.  Or somethin’ like that.

    To begin with – in order to make up for my fair-but-harsh treatment of Divergent a few months back, I here offer a far more positive, uplifting review of Guardians of the … Continue reading

    Fun with Fiction 10 – Writing Resources for My Fellow Authors



    This one’s for the writers out there!  I’ve gathered some of the best tips and resources I know to help you in writing, publishing, and marketing your work, and I share them here with you, in the hopes that you’ll be able to glean something of value from them as I have.  As this is all about me recommending other people & things to you, I’m posting my show notes raw again, since all you really want are the links anyway.

    Thank you all for listening and showing your support!  I can’t wait to … Continue reading

    FwF Podcast 9 with Mo Simpson: The World is the Best Fiction (part 2)

    Welcome back, Fictioneers!

    Part 2 of my conversation with Mo Simpson starts off on a brilliantly blasphemous note, introducing a neo-pagan interpretation of Biblical scripture and an insane but believable etymology of the word “Hollywood”.  Did you know Hollywood, the right arm of the government, was founded by Druids?

    You do now.  Consider yourself edumacated.

    Speaking of Hollywood, we can’t resist discussing the tenuous relationship between comic books and the movies.  Just how unfaithful is Hollywood’s recreation of Watchmen?  Is Alan Moore right … Continue reading

    FwF Podcast 8 with Mo Simpson: The World is the Best Fiction (part 1)

    Guess what, Fictioneers???

    That’s right – Mo Simpson is back on the Fun with Fiction podcast, talking to Luke J. Morris (yours truly) about the struggles of artists, the connection between religious texts and ancient mythologies, the shortcomings of the classical “hero’s quest” version of story, the tenuous relationship between books and the movies (or TV shows) they spawn, and the great weirdness that is Chuck Palahniuk.

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    Fun with Fiction Podcast ep 7 – Divergent: A Dystopia Done Wrong


    Well, Fictioneers, I confess: I did it.  I read Veronica Roth’s Divergent.  And its sequels.

    What can I say?  I love a quasi-dystopian adventure-romance told in the first-person present-tense point of view of a repressed and sexually confused teenage girl.

    Wait – no I don’t.  (But if that’s your thing, have I got a story review for you!)

    Please, the next time I get such a notion – slap some sense into me.  Before I do something I’ll regret.

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    Fun with Fiction ep 6: Lovin’ on Lovecraft (and Cthulhu 4 Kids SALE!)



    Special Announcement!  Cthulhu 4 Kids: Old Ones at the Beach is on sale, this week only, for only $0.99!!!  Grab it here:

    Written by Luke J. Morris (yours truly) and illustrated by Mo Simpson (of Eyeteeth Podcast fame), this is the perfect piece of Lovecraft lore for all ages.  As one reader says, “It’s got everything I wanted: extra dimensional … Continue reading

    FwF Podcast, Ep 5: Interview with Mo Simpson – Storytelling through Art


    Question for you, Fictioneers:  What are your feelings on art?

    You don’t know?

    Well, lucky for you, this week’s Fun with Fiction podcast guest is an expert on the subject!

    Mo Simpson – host (with yours truly) of the Eyeteeth Podcast, illustrator of Cthulhu 4 Kids and Tales from the Teeth, cover illustrator of 188: Micro-Stories For Your Macro-Brain and Clapping, and designer of the Fun with Fiction graphic you see here all the time – lays … Continue reading

    Comedy Drama Special Edition: The Eyeteeth Podcast does Greek Mythology

    Hello Fictioneers!

    In this special edition of the Fun with Fiction blog, I, Luke J. Morris, am giving you an episode of my other podcast: Mo Simpson‘s Eyeteeth Podcast, which I co-host.  We don’t always talk fiction over there, but when we do – well, we don’t bother talking about it.  We make like Nike and just f*ing DO IT.

    If you like your fiction in the form of a multi-cast dramatic reading – be that plays, movies, TV, or audiodramas – you will love this.

    Unless you hate … Continue reading

    Fun with Fiction Podcast, Episode 4: Interview with Andrew Flynn – Sleepless in Authorville

    Hola Fictioneers!  Been reading/watching/listening to some great stories, I hope?

    My guest this week is Andrew Flynn, author of  188: Micro-Stories For Your Macro-Brain and the ongoing serialized novel Clapping: Lose An Arm, Break A Leg.  Drew and I discuss those projects, what they’re about, and what the hell made him want to write the dang things in the first place.

    No, it’s not drugs.

    Turns out he wrote Clapping because he really likes comedy, and he noticed a dearth of fiction works dealing with … Continue reading

    Fun with Fiction Podcast, Episode 3: A Passionate Late-Night Rant About Style

    Welcome back, Fictioneers!

    In this episode I went a bit off the reservation.  See, I recorded it on Sunday night (the night before Saint Paddy’s Day) – and it was late that night.

    No, I wasn’t drunk.  Yes, I was tired.  And when I get tired, my filter dissolves, and you get to hear my wit and rage in all its unabashed, sardonic glory.

    You’re welcome.  And I apologize.

    It starts well enough, with a simple discussion of what makes a story pop.  I give my list of the five … Continue reading

    Fun with Fiction Podcast, Episode 2: Interview with Tyrion – What Makes Good Fiction?

    Hello my fellow Fictioneer!

    Welcome to episode 2 of Fun with Fiction, the podcast that’s all made up.  In this episode I interview one of the most rabid readers I know: Tyrion Morris.

    Tyrion has read more in the past seven years than many adults have in their whole lives.

    He began his love of books with George Seldon’s The Cricket in Times Square.  He and I both remember loving that book, but neither of us remember the plot.  (I’m pretty sure my first book was The Lion, the Witch, … Continue reading

    Fun with Fiction Podcast, Episode 1: The State of Fiction Today

    Hello, fellow fiction fanatic!

    Welcome to the very first episode of Fun with Fiction – the podcast that’s all made up.

    What is this podcast about, you ask?  I’m glad you asked!  I make my best stab at a complete answer here, but to sum it up: this is a podcast (and a blog) 100% dedicated to stories.

    But not those real-life, boring-ass news stories.

    No, this site is about stories that are 100% made-up, unreal, far more fun, and arguably more important than mere fact.

    Continue reading